Money For Beginners 少年商学院/Usborne




Format: Hardcover
Author/Editor: Matthew Oldham,Eddie Reynolds
Illustrator: Marco Bonatti
Age: 8+
Language: English
ISBN: 9781474958233


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A lot has been written about money. It makes the world goes round. It doesn’t grow on trees. It’s the root of all evil. This book cuts through the myths and misconceptions to give young readers a simple and accessible introduction to money – from why it shapes the world we live in to where it comes from, and how to increase what’s in your pocket. New in the series, following Politics for Beginners and Business for Beginners. Cartoons, comic strips and diagrams offer simple explanations of big ideas. Explores both practical tips and the theories of how money works, explaining everything from personal savings and pocket money to bonds, shares and derivatives. Suitable for adults and children alike – a brilliant resource for anyone looking to learn about all about money.