My First Keyboard Book 我的第一本钢琴音乐书 音乐互动书发声书/ Usborne




Format: Hardcover
Author/Editor: Sam Taplin
Illustrator: Rachel Green
Age: 3+
Language: English
ISBN: 9781409582403

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库存 2 件

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My First Keyboard Book

A sturdy keyboard attached to a book of well-known tunes, with colour-coded notes so that anyone can play them. Tunes include Twinkle, Twinkle, Frère Jacques, Ode to Joy and Row, Row, Row your Boat and there are ideas for making up simple tunes too. Each note is represented by a colour that corresponds to the same colour on the keyboard, so even very young children can pick out the tunes. With delightful illustrations, this is a lovely gift that can be taken anywhere.

这是一本孩子可轻松操作的钢琴音乐书。书上键盘能真实的弹出声音,孩子只需依照书上的彩点谱按压,就能弹出欢乐颂(Ode to Joy),划船曲(Row, Row, Row your boat),小星星(Twinkle Twinkle Little Star),王老先生有块地(Old MacDonald)等歌曲。原先艰涩的五线谱改以彩点代替,让孩子不用懂得乐理,依旧可以弹出曲子,体会音乐带来的乐趣。本书非常适合好动活泼的孩子,光是8个音阶的无限组合,就足够让他们玩上一整天!