My First Reading Library 我的第一个图书馆50册 /Usborne




Series: Reading Program
Author/Editor: Various
Illustrator: Various
Age: 4+
Language: English
ISBN: 9781409570202


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The perfect selection to guide children through the first steps of reading – and there are 50 books to choose from! The first 22 books are taken from Usborne Very First Reading and include the phonics methods used in schools. The next 12 books are taken from Usborne First Reading Level One. These delightful short stories are for children who are starting to enjoy reading for themselves. The last 16 books are taken from Usborne First Reading Level Two and are perfect for building reading confidence.



1 Pirate Pat 海盗帕特

2 Double Trouble 双重麻烦

3 The Dressing-Up Box 化妆盒

4 Captain Mac 麦克船长

5 A Bus for Miss Moss 给莫斯小姐的巴士

6 The Perfect Pet 完美的宠物

7 Dog Diary 狗日记

8 Bad Jack Fox 坏杰克福克斯

9 Grizzly Bear Rock 灰熊岩

10 The Magic Ring 魔戒

11 The Queen Makes a Scene 女王大放异彩

12 A Fright in the Night 夜惊

13 Stop that Cow! 阻止那头牛!

14 The Deep Dark Woods 深黑的树林

15 Moon Zoom 月亮变焦

16 Run, Rabbit, Run! 快跑,兔子,快跑!

17 Late Night at the Zoo 动物园的深夜

18 Wild School 狂野学校

19 The Circus Under the Sea 海底马戏团

20 The Monster Diner 怪物餐厅

21 Knight Fight 骑士格斗

22 Mr. Mystery 神秘先生

23 The Greedy Dog 贪吃的狗

24 The Ant and the Grasshopper 蚂蚁和蚱蜢

25 The Fox and the Stork 狐狸和鹳

26 The Fox and the Crow 狐狸和乌鸦

27 Anansi and the Bag of Wisdom 阿南西和智慧袋

28 The Rabbit’s Tale 兔子的故事

29 The Three Wishes 三个愿望

30 Old Macdonald had a farm 老麦克唐纳有个农场

31 The Sun and the Wind 太阳与风

32 King Midas and the Gold 迈达斯国王和黄金

33 The Lion and the Mouse 狮子与老鼠

34 The Wish Fish 许愿鱼

35 The Magic Melon 魔法甜瓜

36 The Tortoise and the Eagle 乌龟和老鹰

37 How Elephants lost their Wings 大象如何失去翅膀

38 The Genie in the Bottle 瓶中精灵

39 The Dragon and the Phoenix 龙与凤凰

40 Doctor Foster went to Gloucester 福斯特医生去了格洛斯特

41 The Daydreamer 白日梦

42 There was a Crooked Man 有一个弯曲的人

43 King Donkey Ears 王驴耳朵

44 How Bear Lost his Tail 熊是如何失去尾巴的

45 The Old Woman who lived in a Shoe 住在鞋里的老妇人

46 One, Two, Buckle My Shoe 一,二,扣上我的鞋

47 Little Miss Muffet 小玛菲特小姐

48 Old Mother Hubbard 老母亲哈伯德

49 Clever Rabbit and the Lion 聪明的兔子和狮子

50 Clever Rabbit and the Wolves 聪明的兔子和狼