Pop-up Jungle 森林立体书/Usborne




Format: Hardcover
Author/Editor: Fiona Watt
Illustrator: Alessandra Psacharopulo
Age: 3+
Language: English
ISBN: 9781409550310


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Pop-up Jungle

Turn the pages of this delightful pop-up book to see Monkey swing, Snake slither, Parrot fly and Tiger pounce. Each page has a colourful jungle scene that pops up for little children to explore, and a different jungle animal to meet. A pleasure to share with little children who will love the surprises when they turn the pages, and making the animal noises in the simple text. With free online audio to listen to.

一翻开这个精美的立体书,猴子就从树林中跳出来,蛇从草地内滑了出来,鳄鱼在河里面张开它的大嘴,还有随时传来的考虑嘶吼:吼…欢迎来到森林的世界,这里充满了各种新奇的动物与旺盛的生命力!来这里探险吧,小心随时跑出的小动物……!《Pop-Up Jungle》是一本以丛林为背景的立体书。书中呈现丛林的热闹繁复,生命旺盛的树林,每一页打开都有动物会从中跳出,精彩的立体设计绝对吸引孩子目光…