That’s not my wombat…/Usborne




Series  THAT’S NOT MY®
Age  0+
Pages  10
Dimensions  160x160mm
Binding  Cased Board Book
Author/Editor  Fiona Watt
Illustrator  Rachel Wells
Language  English

ISBN: 9781474980470


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That’s Not My Polar Bear…

Meet five adorable polar bears in this special edition of That’s not my polar bear…, complete with shiny silver edges! Babies love the best-selling That’s not my… books with their bold illustrations, patches to stroke, and a mouse to spot on every page, all designed to develop sensory and language awareness.
特别版《那不是我的北极熊》中,来认识5只可爱的北极熊吧,还有闪亮的银色边缘! 这不是我的书,书中有精美的插图,可以触摸的区域,这些都是为了培养孩子们的感官和语言意识。