Usborne Workbooks Age 8to9 全3册 /Usborne





Format: Hardcover

Author/Editor: Caroline Young
Illustrator: Magda Brol

Age: 8+
Language: English
ISBN: 9781801313490

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Usborne Workbooks Comprehension 8-9

With the help of Peck the woodpecker and a host of forest friends, children can develop their comprehension skills. The activities in this book build confidence in reading and understanding written English, including stories, poems, adverts, instructions and letters. Beautifully illustrated by Magda Brol.

Usborne Workbooks Grammar and Punctuation 8-9
The friendly animals in this workbook help children understand and practice the rules of English grammar and punctuation. With charming illustrations by talented Polish artist, Magda Brol, children (and their grown-ups!) are gently guided through topics such as noun phrases, fronted adverbials, plurals, possessives and paragraphs.
Usborne Workbooks Spelling 8-9
This lively workbook helps children develop their spelling skills, including using common prefixes and suffixes, silent letters, apostrophes and homophones. Varied activities, delightfully illustrated by accomplished Polish artist Magda Brol, provide lots of opportunities for children to practice what they’ve learnt.




8-9 全3册, 8-9 Comprehension, 8-9 Spelling, 8-9 Grammar & Punctuation